Selected Weather Map Symbols

Surface Station Model

Temp (F) 
Dewpoint (F)
Pressure (mb) 
Sky Cover 
Wind (kts)
Data at Surface Station
Temp 45 °F, dewpoint 29 °F, 
overcast, wind from SE at 15 knots, 
weather light rain, pressure 1004.5 mb

Upper Air Station Model

Temp (C) 

Dewpoint (C)

Height (m) 

Wind (kts)

Data at Pressure Level
Temp -5 °C, dewpoint -12 °C, 
wind from S at 75 knots, 
height of level 1564 m

Forecast Station Model

Temp (F) 
Dewpoint (F)
PoP (%) 
Sky Cover 
Wind (kts)
Forecast at Valid Time
Temp 78 °F, dewpoint 64 °F, 
scattered clouds, wind from E at 10 knots, 
probability of precipitation 70% with rain showers

Map Symbols

Sky Cover Wind Fronts Selected
Weather Symbols
clear Calm cold front warm front Rain
1/8    1-2 knots (1-2 mph) stationary front occluded front Rain Shower
scattered    3-7 knots (3-8 mph) trough 
3/8    8-12 knots (9-14 mph) radar intensities 
colors.gif (518 bytes)
4/8    13-17 knots (15-20 mph) tornado (T) #300 
t_box.gif (346 bytes)
or wxsym/k2.gif (141 bytes) Snow
5/8    18-22 knots (21-25 mph) severe thunderstorm (S) #287s_box.gif (354 bytes) Snow Shower
broken    23-27 knots (26-31 mph)   Freezing Rain
7/8    48-52 knots (55-60 mph) Freezing Drizzle
overcast    73-77 knots (84-89 mph) Fog
obscured 103-107 knots (119-123 mph) Haze
Shaft in direction wind is coming from
  Dust or Sand
Blowing Snow

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