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Course Syllabus Upper-Level Winds / Jet Streams Air Pollution
Weather Maps and Sites Midlatitude Lows & Highs Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
Solar System & Planetary Weather Thunderstorms / Tornadoes Acid Deposition
Earth's Atmospheric Envelope Hurricanes & Tropical Weather Global Warming / Climate Change
Earth-Sun Relationships / Seasons / Time Polar Weather El Nino / Southern Oscillation (ENSO) / La Nina
Solar Energy / Earth'sTemperature Wx Maps: Surface & Upper-Level Global Climates
Atmospheric Moisture / Clouds / Precipitation / Floods Wx Satellites / Imagery Weather & Climate Data
Atmospheric Pressure & Winds Wx Radar / Imagery Weather Education
Global Circulation / Wind Systems Wx Forecasting / Instruments Listings of Weather Sites
Air Masses / Fronts Atmospheric Optics Miscellaneous Weather
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Solar System and Planetary Weather
NOAA Solar and Space Websites About the Sun
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Earth's Atmospheric Window
NOAA's Comprehensive Website on Stratospheric Ozone NOAA's Climate Prediction Center's Website on Stratosphere & Ozone Depletion EPA'S Stratospheric Ozone Depletion  Website
EPS's UV INDEX WMO's Global UV Monitoring Website Impacts of Ozone Depletion
Graphing Stratospheric Ozone PBS Nova's Greenhouse Effect Explanation Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere
Understanding Air Density & Its Effects    
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Earth-Sun Relationships / The Seasons / Time
Royal Observatory at Greenwich England: Information on Time & Seasons The Analemma Calendars Through the Ages
Astronomical Data: Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset, Twilight, Moon Illumination/ Eclpses, Positions of the Sun & Moon, Data for Solar Systems Bodies & Brught Stars, Dates, Misc.  (U.S. Naval Obs.) Earth Viewer - shows the daytime and nighttime portions of the Earth for any day of the year A Sun Clock that Shows Current Location of the Sun Above the Earth
Time Service Department  - The Official Source of Time for the Dept. of Defense & the Standard of Time for the U.S.
(U.S. Naval Observatory)
Guide to Arctic Sunrise & Sunset What Causes the Seasons?
WorldTime (including Current Earth Image w/ Circle of Illumination) World Time Zone Map w/ Current Time Why Day & Night Aren't Equal at the Time of the Equinox (USAToday)
World Time Zone Map (U.S. Naval Obs.) Milankovitch Cycles in Paleoclimate About Today's Date
Timezone Converter Current Circle of Illumination on Earth Time Zone Converter
Earth & Moon Viewer About Daylight Savings Time Official U.S. Time
Here Comes the Sun: A Solar/Terrestrial Tutorial (Plymouth State College Meteorology Program)    

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Solar Energy and Earth's Temperature
World Temperature Extremes About Temperature (UCAR) Great Lakes Temperature Changes
Hourly U.S. Weather Statistics (temperature, temperature change, temperature advection, heat index, wind chill, dew point, cloud cover, precipitation, pressure, & wind)) Calculating Potential Temperature Earth Outgoing Heat Radiation via Satellite
Heat Waves / Heat Disorders / Heat Index (NWS) Hypothermia Prevention, Recognition and Treatment: Articles, Protocols and Research on Life-Saving Skills Earth Surface Temperatures via Satellite
Heating & Colling Degree Days All ABout Heat Waves NOAA Radiation Websites
Dominion (CNG) Energy Index    
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Atmospheric Moisture / Clouds / Precipitation / Floods
PSC Meteorology Program Cloud Boutique NOAA Precipitation Websites Lifting Condensation Level Calculator
Clouds and Precipitation: Online Meteorology Guide  (U 0f Ill. WW2010 Project) What's Nexrad? Current Hourly Cloud Cover, Precipitation, Snow Cover, Temperature, Temperature Change, Temperature Advection, Dewpoint, Pressure, Wind, Heat Index, and Wind Chill Statistics
Water Vapor in the Climate System: A Special Report  (AGI) Clouds From Space Hourly / Daily Rain Data From NOAA
Shuttle Views the Earth: Clouds from Space  (NASA) NASA World Precipitation Coverages PRECIP: High-Resolution Image Depicting Estimated Precipitation Amounts
Bad Clouds All About Clouds  (Intellicast) GLOBE Cloud Exploration
Bad Rain Snow Crystals NASA World Cloud Cover Animations
Contrails All About Snow: Questions & Answers, Facts, Glossary & Photo Gallery Questions and Answers About Snow (Nat'l Snow & Ice Center)
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Atmospheric Pressure and Winds
 Understanding Air Pressure (USA Today) Coriolis Force: Explanation & Animation Bad Corilois
Forces and Winds: An Online Meteorology Guide (U of I WW2010 Project) The Wind - Air in Motion  (Intellicast) Hourly US Weather Statistics: Pressure, Pressure Change, Wind, & Wind Chill; also Cloud Cover, Precipiation, Temperature, Temperature Change, Temperature Advection & Heat Index
McGill Univ. UHF Wind Profiler Radar Its a Breeze - How Air Pressure Affects You Winds and Pressure (Texas A & M)
Forces in the Atmosphere (Texas A&M) The Standard Pressure (USA Today) Air Pressure, Heights, and Temperatures (Texas A&M)
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Global Circulation and Wind Systems
Ocean Motions (JPL / NASA) General Circulation in the Tropics Global Atmospheric Circulation Course Website at UC Davis
General Circulation of the Atmosphere    
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Air Masses and Fronts
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Upper-Level Winds / Jet Streams
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Mid-Latitude Lows and Highs
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Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
See "Severe Weather Sites" on My Weather Maps & Sites Web Page NWS Storm Prediction Center Severe & Extreme Weather Links from NCDC
NOAA National Severe Storm Laboratory U.S. Active Weather Warnings (NWS) NOAA Tornado Website
NOAA: All About Thunderstorms & Lightning    
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Hurricanes and Tropical Weather
See "Tropical & Hurricane Wx Sites" on My Weather Maps & Sites Web Page Severe & Extreme Weather Links from NCDC OSU Tropical Weather Page
NWS National  Hurricane Center U.S. Hurricane Strike Frequency   (TWC) FEMA Tropical Storm Watch
NOAA Hurricane Website Tropical Cyclone Center (Hong Kong) CNN Storm Center
The Weather Underground Tropical Weather Homepage USA Today Hurricane Information WSI Intellicast Tropical Weather Homepage
The Weather Channel Tropical Update    
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Polar Weather
Antarctic Connection Understanding Antarctic Weather  (USAToday) Resources: Polar Weather & Climate (USAToday)
Science in the Polar Regions  (USAToday)    
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Weather Maps: Surface and Upper-Level
NWS Fax Charts Links to NWS Current Weather Products  
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Weather Satellites and Imagery
Numerous Satellite & Imagery Sites Understanding Weather Satellite Imagery 3-D Weather Images - NOAA Environmenta
U.S. Satellite/Radar Map w/ Links to Local Forecasts l Visualization Program  
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Weather Radar and Imagery
The McGill University UHF Wind Profiler Radar Intellicast Radar Nexrad  (Intellicast)
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Weather Forecasting and Instruments
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Atmospheric Optics
About Rainbows (UCAR)
Auroras: Painting the Sky
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Air Pollution
U.S. EPA Office of Air and Radiation Environmental Defense Fund: Air Quality National Institute for the Environment
U.S. EPA AIRData Website EPA Envirofacts Data Warehouse - Air Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control
U.S. EPA AIRNow Website U.S. EPA Environmental Atlas NOAA Air Quality Website
U.S. EPA AIRgraphics Website U.S. EPA Environmental Quality Home Page EPA's Center for Environmental Information & Statistics Environmental Profiles
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Stratospheric Ozone Depletion
U.S. EPA Ozone Depletion Website U.S. EPA The Science of Ozone Depletion NOAA Ozone Website
U.S. EPA Office of Air & Radiation Ozone Depletion Website
Stratospheric Ozone - Science & Data (NOAA)
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Acid Deposition
U.S. EPA Office of Air & Radiation Acid Rain Website Environmental Defense Fund: Acid Rain  
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Global Warming / Climate Change
U.S. EPA Global Warming Website Environmental Defence Fund Information  Page on Global Warming Environmental News Network Global Warming Special Report
U.S. EPA Office of Air & Radiation Global Warming Website Sierra Club Global Warming Website Global Warming International Center
U.S. EPA Global Warming State By State Impacts Global Warming Bibliography from the Why Files Union of Concerned Scientists - Global Warming
U.S. EPA Links to Other Sites Dealing with Global Warming NY Times Articles on Global Warming / Climate U.S. National Assessment of Potential consequences of  Climatic Varibility & Change
NOAA Greenhouse Warming Website U.S. Global Change Research Information Office Home Page U.S. Global Change Research Program
NOAA Paleo Perspective on Global Warming  CNN - Our Changing Climate - A Special Report on Global Warming - 1997  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (All Working Groups)
NASA's Global Change Master Directory Global Warming Skeptics Page  World Wildlife Fund:Climate Change Campaign
World Meteorological Organization Library - Global Warming Anti-Global Warming Petition Project - Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine  The Woods Hole Research Center "The Warming of the Earth"
Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary: Global Warming and the Third World  
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El Nino/ENSO and La Nina
NOAA  El Nino Theme Website NOAA  La Nina Page NOAA El Nino & La Nina Website
NOAA  El Nino Page (including many other links to other El Nino/La Nina sites) NOAA Climate Diagnostic Center's El Nino/ENSO Information La Nina Homepage (NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory)
NASA/JPL El Nino / La Nina Imagery El Nino Terminology  (Intellicast) El Nino Returns  (CNN)
CDC's El Nino & Southern Oscillation Info    
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Global Climates
NCDC Climate Products & Publications NOAA U.S. Climate At-A-Glance Global Climate Maps
NOAA Climate Website Michigan State Climatologist Office World Climate
NOAA Drought Website    
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Weather and Climate Data
National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) NCDC Climate Research & Applications NCDC Climate Products & Publications
Get/View On Line Climate Data from the National Climatic Data Center The Climate of 1998  (NOAA) Links to NWS Current Weather Products
Climate Visualization (CLIMVIS) from the National Climatic Data Center The Climate of 1999  (NOAA)  
NOAA Climate Website The Climate of 2000  (NOAA)  
World Climate The Climate of 2001  (NOAA)  
Climate Extremes The Climate of 2002  (NOAA)  
Climate Summaries for the U.S. The Climate of 2003  (NOAA)  
Current Climate Situation in the Midwest (Maps) NCDC Extreeme Weather & Climate Events  
World Book Around the World Climates Climate Summaries for the Midwest  
NCDC Regional Climate Centers Climate Summaries for Ohio  
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Weather Education
See "Weather Education Sites" on My Weather Maps & Sites Web Page
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Listings of Weather Sites
Listings of Weather Sites
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Miscellaneous Weather
Miscellaneous Sites Severe & Extreme Weather Links from NCDC Guide to Intellicast Sites / Maps / Imagery
Bad Meteorology NOAA Ocean Explorer Dr. Dewpoint at Intellicast
The Weather Calculator Weather Definitions Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
NOAA Fire Weather Website Mount Washington Weather Notebook  
NOAA Marine Weather Website Weather in the 20th Century (Intellicast)  
NOAA Aviation Weather Website 20 Questions: A Weather Knowledge Test  
 NOAA Atmospheric and Space Sciences Website Climate Effects on Human Health  
The Weather Channel Newscenter Weather & Health  (Intellicast)  
NWS Publications Weather Road Conditions  
Links to NWS Current Weather Products U.S. Active Weather Warnings  
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